BiH v Portugal - a fan's view.

I should probably be writing more here but getting and at 4am and still getting up at the normal time this morning have got the better of me. We were there last night. It was a good game, obviously the wrong result from our point of view, but as English people we've hasd some experience of losing to Portugal after having a player sent off! I'll leave the video to show the ups and downs of the day.

WARNING: The fans behind us swore throughout the match. I won't claim to have understood the half of what they said. To those of you who will understand, I apologise that some of their comments will undoubtedly have ended up being audible in this video.


HellyersOnline said…
Very good video of the whole occasion... I loved your BBC "the players are appealing to the fans not to throw things at the officials - not good". It was almost like the great Alan Green himself was there! :)
It was gutting. Even for a Brit.

I was sitting directly opposite you guys, we could have waved Union Jacks at each other. Sounds like you had a really long trip back, I got back about 2am which was late enough for me.

Great video, really enjoyed watching it.

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