Remembering in Sarajevo

I put this video together today. It’s represents some of the more meaningful thoughts that came out of our trip to the British Ambassador’s Residence in Sarajevo for fireworks on Saturday night. I did leave with other thoughts, like whether it would be wise to public school ones children so as to better prepare them for this kind of occasion. Over the years people have commented of my diplomatic skills in managing people and projects but one thing is clear: I am not part of the diplomatic in-crowd.

I might not have been hob-nobbing with the great and the good but I managed a good deed for the evening: offering a torch to a mother whose shoulder-mounted child had dislodged the back of her ear-ring. My mini-LED marvel managed to locate the all-important item amongst the damp grass. I could regale you with amusing snatches of conversation overheard over mulled wine but that would doubtless constitute some breach of state security, so my lips are sealed. However, I pulled out my camera long enough to capture the fireworks you can enjoy below.


We didn't make it this year, but have the same feelings about it that you do! You can imagine how Adam peeing in the Ambassadors flower pots went down.

BTW - Ed Stourton of Radio 4 Today programme is in Bosnia and was at that fireworks party too - it even got a mention on his report of it today. I'll post a link to it soon, prob tomorrow.

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