Peas On Earth

As I took a break from cooking what will pass as Christmas dinner in our house, I was struck by the sudden urge to blog. I reasoned that on a day such as today my last post - Lettuce Give Thanks - had to be followed up with one entitled Peas On Earth. At this point you've probably looked at the picture and thought something like 'surely he knows that's not peas, that's sweetcorn?'

Fear not, I do know my vegetables, frozen or not. The switch was initially based on necessity. We're out of peas. Pity really, I was planning to cook some today. The choice was to go with corn or carrots. Carrots carry the 'or stick' connotation which could have worked well in a 'peace on earth' context. But sweetcorn has one endearing quality. It's durability. I don't wish to lower the tone to explain myself but let's just say very little else can get chewed up and yet come out looking completely unscathed by the experience.

Peas pale in comparison. Their claim to fame mostly involves being mushy, hardly a desirable quality. That is certainly true when it comes to peace. Mushy doesn't help anyone. You can make peace, but a mushy approach to passive peace keeping doesn't work.

As were look to ahead to 2010 I, for one, want to pursue peace with the durability of sweetcorn, not the bribes of a carrot or the mushiness of a pea. I hope that those working to secure lasting peace and stability in this region think likewise.

[Merry Christmas....if you want a bit of stark, somber Christmas reading I recommend this article.]


Andy Gunton said…
Maybe we need the versatility of a potato?
WeDoAdventure said…
Potato is fine with me so long as we don't end up with a chip on our shoulder!

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