We have a guest this week so I have been cooking. I cook a lot, almost every day, but I have been making sure things are just a little bit more coordinated on the culinary front. Rowan has been helping out too: 'do you want some ice cream now? or 'anyone for a chocolate mousse?' Against type, I answered yes to the second of those questions this evening. What you see is the reason I'll be staying off the mousse for a while.

That small spot is, however, the least of our problems. Mostar has had a very wet week - we've never seen the Neretva so high - and this has done unpleasant things to the walls. Our landlord put a wall mounted heater in our bedroom back in early December. It's made a huge difference, fighting a valiant battle against the damp. But in the living room, with no consistent warmth, things are bad. Although the room feels warmer than it did last winter the growth on the walls seems more expansive and definitely a lot greener.

Of course, you didn't need to know all that but isn't that what this blogging thing is all about?!


Hmmm, reminds me of my room at University...

You lot in Mostar need to sort yourselves out with some municipality heating. Tuzla ain't got the prettiness, the beauty, the river, the bridge, but it does have a ninja city heating system.

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