The Snowy Mountain Section

I've never owned a games console but I've played a few. I remember a friend getting Sega Rally and the hours of driving that ensued. It was all high-speed fun and sliding round corners; clouds of dust or spraying snow flying in every direction depending on the terrain. The best bit was that when it all went horribly wrong the car magically reappeared, blinking, in the middle of the road, counting down three, two, one until you were off again.

The part of the UK we lived in was not the sort of countryside that got to model for games like Sega Rally, at least not the roads I spent most of my time driving, although I did once get airborne, all be it microscopically so, accelerating hard down a bumpy bit of single track on the South Downs in our new Mini. To date my only other real-life Sega Rally moment had come driving a dirt track through the Joshua Tree forest on the our way to and from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Yes, I did get the hire car sideways at one point. No, it was not intentional!

Last night I added a third to this collection. The snowy mountain section. In the game this I one of the really fun ones, with loads of potential for big drifts and awesome handbrake turns. All of which you do knowing that you'll return, blinking, to the centre of the screen should anything untoward happen. In real-life this is not an option. There could be big drops involved and I have no desire to be prematurely blinking at the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

But panic not: mothers, and those of a nervous disposition! Clearly, as I'm writing this post I cleared the section, although it would have been easier had the snowploughs we saw parked up actually been out clearing snow. Was it icy under the snow? I couldn't say. Well, was the road slippery? I didn't test it. All I know is we kept going in the direction I intended, at the speed I decided without the need, or desire, for any opposite lock. Exciting it may not have been but I'm taking it as a win against the elements!


Know the snowy mountain section well. It's pretty scary!

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