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I was reading, I think it was in the LA Times, that some celebrity chefs are becoming increasingly annoyed at diners documenting their every mouthful with their digital cameras. It seems flashing the cash, and not your camera, is much more befitting to the aura of a fancy restaurant.

This is not a food blog (I'm not a fan of flash photography either!) but I have noticed we've had a sizeable number of hits that have come through searches for Little Mexico, Mostar's mexican bar/restaurant. We were there again the other day. It was a warm afternoon and we were sitting outside so I had no qualms about snapping the appetising sight in front of me. Behold the chimichanga!


Mostar has the best Mexican restaurants. The Tuzla ones are a bit scary. Can you post some photos of Bosnian food so that I can look fondly - some zeljanica would make me the most jealous of all!
Anonymous said…
Haha! I know a fair number of UWCiM students have been led to Little Mexico that way. :)
Unknown said…
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