Officially Punk Rock!

'Is this the set list?' I put down the cable I was coiling and glanced up at the table where the bar owner was pointing. I nodded. 'And you wrote all the songs?' I replied that, yes, apart for the obvious inclusion of some U2 and Lenny Kravitz, I'd written all the rest. (Truth be told, I co-wrote three of the track with musician-friends from previous bands, but I felt this was unnecessary detail at the time!) 'Good. Very good band.' My denim and leather clad critic pointed to the first track and then somewhere towards the bottom of the set list. “These song are the best. Very good.”

We not the only band to receive such praise. “U2. Very good. Not heavy metal but very good band.” Iron Maiden are his favourite. U2 and Dire Straits make up his list of good non-heavy-metal bands. Then came the comparison. I've always had mixed feelings when people start down the 'that song sounds like...' route. As a song writer you know what's in your record collection and where your inspiration comes from. No one wants to be accused of being a sound-a-like to some band you don't listen to or, worse still, have never heard of!

“A little bit Green Day, a little Offspring with a little bit Oasis” That's a rock-lover's assessment of Gilgal. Officially punk rock with a dash of Brit Pop. It could be worse! After a good gig, which while not being a perfect performance showed we're getting better with plenty more to come, I was happy to take that. (Insert your own Take That related joke here!)


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