Class of 2010, UWC Mostar

Here they are, this year's graduating students from the United World College in Mostar. We've got to know a few them over the last couple of years so it was great to get an invite to go along to the Graduation Ceremony today. As one might expect, it was quite an emotional affair. These young people have been family for the past two year, making home often a very long way from home. Now they're heading off in separate directions.

While I won't claim to have got all the in-jokes the speeches, nevertheless, were inspiring and you have ponder the miracle of the opportunities afforded these students. So much possibility, such a sense many of them will actually make something of it. When they do let's hope they remember the place that got them started, particularly the local students. This country can ill afford its potential movers and shakers moving elsewhere never to return.


David said…
It was an entertaining and moving ceremony. I was very proud of Leah, and of all the graduates. As you say, this was an amazing opportunity for these young people, and you do get the sense that they will make something of themselves. Church on Sunday was also a great experience.

It was wonderful to finally meet you and Rowan, and--again--thanks so much for the ride from Dubrovnik. We were immensely relieved to see you and Leah at the airport! We had no real problems on the trip home, and we made it to the wedding on time!

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