An ethical dilemma.

This morning a friend was saying how their mother had been taken ill with a serious problem requiring surgery. However, once in the hospital, they discovered the doctor wouldn't operate without receiving what could euphemistically be referred to as 'a little something for coffee'. That this salary-augmenting 'something' would comfortably keep him in three coffees a day for three months might be seen as a little in conflict with the Hippocratic oath. Apparently different doctors require different amounts to get them out of bed. This one wanted in excess of half the average monthly wage. I have my own complaints about the UK's National Health Service based on painful personal experiences but I never had to pay back-handers for the questionable care I received. Here it seems this is not a uncommon situation.

If your mother needed an operation which could be the difference between her living or dying and her health was being held ransom by a corrupt medic what would you do?


Unknown said…
Having lost my dad recently, I would have paid anything that was needed if it was possible to keep him alive, pain free and with a quality of life. Does that make bribery right? No, but in the UK there are many private health insurances that makes use of the same doctors and sometimes facilities as the NHS. This ´Fast Track´ system to health care, is that also bribery but in a different form???

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