Two Years Today

Nine years ago yesterday Rowan and I sat on a beach in Crete talking about the future. It was one of those moments that changes the way you see things from then on. For me it was the first time I realised I wanted to move on and do something different (well, sort of the same-but-different) from what I'd been doing up to that point. We came back from the beach to a text telling us a plane had crashed in New York and walked into a hotel bar to join a crowd watching live TV coverage minutes before the second plane crashed into the Twin Towers. The world changed that day. But for all the things that were different in the post-911 world what we were doing wasn't much changed, at least not dramatically so. Until two years ago.

Two years ago today we arrived in Mostar, after an epic road trip across Europe, to start doing something the same-but-different in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a life change unlike any I'd imagined, although Rowan had spent half her life wanting to do something here – somehow in ten years of marriage it'd never come up until ten months before we moved! I know there are people who still find it difficult to imagine me adjusting to life outside the UK – I had an email reminding me of this just this morning – but we've done more than just survive since we've arrived. If you're a regular reader you'll know something of our adventures over the past two years. We've had fun and we've achieved more than we imagined. As we stand on the brink of another change, and another two years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are excited about the possibilities of more of the same-but-different!


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