Stop and stare...or not!

If yesterday I pulled my van over to snap a view I was particularly enjoying today I was indulging in a bit of drive-by shooting! Okay, technically, this picture is actually the result of a ride-by: I was out cycling by the lakes in Jajce, soaking up the last of the autumn sun as sunk slowly behind the mountains.

I don't know what Ansel Adams would have thought of the digital revolution. Did he ever grab a photo one-handed whilst riding a bike? I doubt it. However, he did create art. Nevertheless, I'm not complaining about this image. Under the circumstances it does a great job of capturing the moment. Less than an hour later the moon was up, but those photos won't find their way online!


David said…
Wow! That is beautiful.

Is the name of the town pronounced Ya-yeet-suh? Stress on which syllable? I'm afraid the little Croatian I learned is destined to fade from my mind, since I'll probably never have another occasion to use it.
WeDoAdventure said…
Glad you like it! The pronunciation is a tricky question. It's two syllables, with the stress slightly on the first. Maybe something like Yai-tzeh. The 'e' at the end is short and not like 'er' or an English 'a' or 'ah' sound. I hope that makes some sense!

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