Back Page Special

One of our co-workers turned up this morning, apologising for oversleeping in one breath before breathlessly asking if we knew how much Edin Dzeko is set to earn every day. For those whose eyes are not glued to the UK's back pages, Dzeko is Manchester City's latest acquisition and Bosnia and Herzegovina's star striker. We saw him once, when he turned in what I'd have to describe as an uninspired performance in the country's most important ever football match. They lost 1-0 to Portugal and didn't go to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

With a £27m price tag to justify you have to hope he performs better week in and week out in the Premier League. Whatever his wages are they are almost certainly beyond the realms of comprehension for most people in his home country, although this is almost a universal issue with the sport's highest paid stars. That said he could probably pop back here in a couple of weeks and afford to buy a small town, or two!

The funny thing is there's a local joke about Manchester City, at least amongst our friends. It doesn't translate easily into a blog post because it revolves around singing like a folk singer. Needless to say, having lived with this joke associated with City for the last eighteen months or so it put a smile on my face to see Bosnia's most famous current footballer signing for them. I look forward to seeing a rise in the number of fake light-blue shirts on the streets!


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