This was lunch. I can't say I'm proud of it but I present it as an interesting case study of economists; neatly summing up both the psychological power wielded by global brands and the well known fact that scarcity increases demand. As we've mentioned before, Bosnia and Herzegovina has no McDonalds. This is by no means a bad thing. The country has plenty of quality home-grown alternatives to the most famous burger in fast food. However Croatia has McDonalds and that means the lure of the Golden M is never far from the travelling kind.

We once spent twelve days in Manhattan. Despite there being seemingly a McDonalds on every corner that wasn't occupied by a Starbucks we only stepped inside once, when needing to find a 'rest room' after a trip on the Staten Island ferry. We had no inclination to eat there. Years before we left the UK we'd stopped considering McDonalds as a fast food option, except in an absolute emergency. So why did I find myself eating a soggy burger and some decidedly average fries in Zagreb earlier today? Clearly I am a victim of some pesky mind games because I am reluctant to admit I would pine for an absent restaurant I was well out of the habit of frequenting!


Phew! For one awful moment I thought that you were in BiH and eating a McD. We went to McDonalds in Zagreb too. Twice if I recall correctly. Haven't been to one since we got back to the UK! (also went to a Costa coffee and the cinema as well as a very cool childrens theatre near the train station - all very exciting).
WeDoAdventure said…
Thursday was basically just an airport run but we popped up for a couple of days at the end of December to take in the Christmas Market (and the cinema). Very nice, I'm sure it won't be too long before we're back there again.

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