She Will Be Mine?

I'm not sure how familiar you are with Wayne's World. As a teenager my wife and her friends were definitely in the Bill and Ted camp; for me and my friends it was Wayne and Garth that got our laughs. Regardless of your franchise allegiance – if any – an interest in either should have stirred an affinity with the rock wannabe. I first watched Wayne's World as an aspiring musician; two decades on I've now got a long history of helping others strike their own first heroic barre chords.

Tomorrow Novi Most starts its first music courses as part of its work in Jajce. So it was that today I – a guitarist – walked into Banja Luka's premier music store with my drumming co-worker for some essential supplies. Yes, there was a drum kit sitting under some lighting bars but he did not treat shoppers to an impromptu solo! In the movie Wayne had his heart set on a white Stratocaster that lived locked in a glass case in his local music store's window. “She will be mine” he says until the day he can make an extravagant cash purchase. I've never asked to play a guitar locked in a glass case but the shops I used to frequent in the UK all used to wire their guitars to security alarms. Today I walked in on this beauty just laying on a stool in the guitar room, clearly asking to be played. I can't claim to be a huge fan of Strats or super-strats, but neither was I of Teles until I bought one. Is this the super-strat to change my mind? Will she be mine?


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