Big Thumbs Up!

This isn't the first time we've had reason to write nice things about EasyJet on this blog. We hope it won't be the last. But least pessimism get the last word let's celebrate the bizarre experience that was collecting my brother and his family from Zagreb airport yesterday. We knew they were flying EasyJet, in fact we'd noticed tickets for the new route become available and recommend they book a cheap trip months ago. We'd since forgotten they'd booked on the inaugural flight.

Without this context we did wonder why we were seeing the aircraft ceremonially doused by the hoses of two fire tenders as is taxied towards the terminal. The presence of a media scrum in the arrivals hall had us wondering if a Croatian celebrity had shared the flight with them. When a lone piper struck his first drone note in baggage reclaim we were lost for an explanation. Thankfully the British Ambassador to Croatia was on hand to provide the missing pieces of the puzzle.

As we say on the video: big thumbs up to Easy Jet on this occasion. It was our nephew's first flight and were he old enough to remember it it was a very memorable experience. Thankfully his uncle has a slight video-making obsession so the moment is captured, even down to our Ambassadorial handshakes, which were a very welcome icing on this most surprising of cakes.


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