Castles in the Sky...with snow!

I think it was in a video I made earlier this year that I mentioned how a dash of snow suited Jajce's castle. Back then I didn't take the photos to prove it but an overnight fall gave me the chance to snap this shot while walking home today. In fairness, the castle looks pretty good whatever the weather.

On Monday I was sorting through some old photos to upload on our new WeDoAdventure Facebook page. If you were to head over there and click 'like' you'd be able to see that clear blue skies and golden sunshine also compliment it nicely. But least I be accused of favouritism let me add the castle is not the only photogenic spot in Jajce. The waterfall, the mills and the lakes are all up there as great place to take a camera; something I've tried to provide a bit of evidence for on Facebook. If you do like the page I hope you like what you see!


HellyersOnline said…
I still have that record... "oh tell me why, we build castles in the sky" etc

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