Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I don't want to claim to speak for anyone on what this means so I'll quote from something I saw on the Facebook profile of a local friend. It was written in English, so I haven't coloured anything in translation.

Happy Independence Day to MY most BEAUTIFUL country Bosnia & Herzegovina!! ♥ and to all of the people living here, wishing that any subsequent year is better and that all who live in this territory feel like BiH is their homeland :) :P

I wholeheartedly agree this is a beautiful country but it was the last bit that really got me. If the things I've heard over the years are a fair representation of the truth then it was the desire for distinct homelands that broke up Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country from which some people would still like to carve a distinct homeland for themselves. While not wanting to comment on the politics of that I fail to see how the economics of such action would add up, apart from anything else.

I'm aware there are many who might not have clicked 'like' if they had seen this status this morning but to me it said something about hope for the future...and I like that.


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