We recently bought a Nintendo Wii for the youth club sessions we're running in Jajce. There were two reasons for choosing this over a PlayStation: the Wii is less common here and it seems more of a social gaming experience. The wireless controllers often make the players as entertaining as the game play. However, it was only in the unboxing after the purchase that we realised the sensor that picks up the movement of the controllers was connected by a very thin, delicate-looking piece of wire. Not something I deemed durable enough for repeated rigging and de-rigging. One over-enthusiastic tug might have left us with an expensive collection of useless bits of plastic.

And so I dreamed up this, as-yet, un-named transport, storage and protection solution for the Wii. That it doubles as a handy projector stand is an added bonus. The toolbox cost little more than a fiver and now houses the Wii console and power supply. The tool tray keeps the various controllers and connectors organised. Custom cut slots provide access for loading games, running leads to the projector and letting the sensors 'see' the players. My one concern was overheating – I plan to add ventilation holes once I've purchased an suitable drill bit – but two hours of constant use came and wetn this afternoon without issue.

The good news is the pay off for all this 'ingenuit-Wii' was a whole group of happy young people who had hours of fun. That tells us enough to know this was a worthwhile investment.


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