Gigging again

We're gigging tomorrow and Saturday. Gilgal. That's us. Rowan and I and Budo, our drumming co-worker at Novi Most in Jajce. If your eyesight is good you'll see from the poster that the gigs are at two different caffe bars in town. We're actually playing outside two caffe bars, because at this time of year any caffe bar that has the option to operate outdoors does so.

These will be are first gigs in Jajce, if you don't include our cameo in last November's AVNOJ event. As you'd expect, we've been putting the hours in rehearsing. We're ready to play about 35 songs, including extended guitar solos and an acoustic set! Quite how the evenings will play out is anyones guess at this stage. Experience has taught us to at least try to be relaxed about such minor details start and finish times, and whether another bunch of guys are going to hold an impromptu jam on your instruments half way through the evening.

I guess in the UK advertising like this is called fly posting. Over here it's how the word gets out about pretty much everything. We weren't responsible for where our posters went up and I probably wouldn't have gone for this particular spot as, although it has an advert for summer day trips to the Croatian coast, it is mostly used for posting death notices. That said, we always see people stopped and reading them here so perhaps it wasn't a bad idea. We'll find out tomorrow night.


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