An Unintentionally Aquatic Finale

My last post might have made it sound like anything in Jajce involving water and tourism was experiencing something of a hiatus at the moment. Of course, that isn't the whole picture. This evening, for the first time, we rented a boat from outside Hotel Plivsko Jezero and spent a lazy hour soaking up the early evening sun on the lake. As you can see for the video, the boat had a small electric motor, running off what was basically an oversized car battery. It was slow and almost silent. Although my last experience in a boat involved a powerful engine, an exciting turn of speed and vast stretches of Finnish water I think Jajce's lakes, and this evening's excursion, benefit from their lack of the noisy elements of watersport. Tranquil would be a word well used to describe the experience.

This little adventure was part of an unintentionally aquatic finale to our Novi Most summer activities with young people in Jajce. Yesterday, we had the first social gathering between young people from Novi Most's three locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar's Gradski Bazen - it's outdoor pool - was where most of the hanging out took place. Our final trip takes us to Banja Luka, on Monday, for a second visit to the aqua park there. For a first summer of organising activities in Jajce I think we can say things have gone fantastically well. We're in the process of getting some official feedback from the young people but the fact they've kept coming back speaks for itself.

This evening was a first for us, it probably was for many of them too. But it wasn't the first first we've made possible this summer. Insights in the other firsts will, however, have to wait until another post.


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