A borrowed banner!

Novi Most, the organisation we work with, has a new volunteer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of their responsibilities is being official "Tweeter" for the charity. Last week we had the pleasure of showing them around Jajce and introducing them to what we get up to here. As you might expect, photos were taken. One of them was so nice I've borrowed it for our blog banner! It's a very familiar view, taken from a vantage point just a minute from where we live. You can see the full photo, uncropped and uncluttered by text and logos, on Katie's blog, along with some other fantastic shots from the journey up from Mostar.


Unknown said…
hahaha thanks enjoying my photos and for publicising them! You can refer to me as 'she' if you like, though maybe you enjoy the mystery of 'they/them'...!

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