Shining a little light on The Lampost story

Over ten years ago now one of my brothers and I decided to convert our parents garage into a home studio. My brother had a friend with a studio on the south coast that was being forced to close. We bought the live room from them; dismantled it, transported it half an hour up the road and re-imagined the pieces into a new creative space of our inventing. Naturally, the process was slightly more drawn out than I've presented here. I'm sure our parents haven't forgotten their side of the story!

The night we finished the conversion we were sitting around in the living room, probably eating celebratory ice cream. Suddenly there was a huge crash. Everyone's first thought was we must have somehow undermined the structural integrity of the house and caused some terrible disaster. We ran around looking for the problem. Nothing was wrong. Then we realised it was unusually dark outside. The problem was a late-night motorist finding the lamp post outside a near-immovable object. It stopped his car but not without splitting into three pieces and crashing to the ground. Thus our new studio was christened The Lampost.

Sadly, since then, our plans of musical world domination have been largely unfulfilled. The Lampost has become the home of Hellyer's Puppet Workshop. (It's currently filled with foam and more variations of fun fur than ought to be legal.) However, we have finally linked up for a collaboration, remixing a track for an online competition. Even if, technically, The Lampost has had no part in the production we thought we'd honour it by naming ourselves in its honour.

If collaboration implies my brother and I have a broad base of shared musical taste this is misleading. We agree on a couple of bits of Coldplay, a lot of Chicane and would both confess to a childhood appreciation of the yellow and black stylings of Stryper. Beyond that there are gulfs between what you'd find on our iTunes 'most played' lists. But in music, as in so many areas of life, it is possible to set aside differences to work together. This we have done; turning a decent piece of hip hop into what we're calling a Euro-house banger!

You can listen to the remix here, and if you like what you hear then consider voting for us in the competition.   


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