Have you read this?

Today we had a meeting with Gill, Novi Most Director. It was a good meeting. In the course of our conversation we talked about the Lausanne Covenant. It's something we have to read and sign our agreement to before starting with NoviMost. I've told a few people this and they've been surprise, asking if I thought that was a bit heavy. To me it's reassuring to know someone isn't going to move the goalposts on me!

Now this thing is as old as me but I'd never heard of it until this week. I finished reading it last night and I've got to say I was inspired. It doesn't say anything I haven't heard or don't believe, but to see it laid out in such a concise, compelling piece of text really did it for me.

However it made me think. If the church globally had spent my lifetime truly living this out the world today would be a very different place. My challenge is to ensure I live it and in doing so make the difference that is so desperately needed.


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