A word, water and a dog or two!

Hydrant. It’s not a word you think of every day except, perhaps, you are a dog on a New York sidewalk. Tonight it helped me to deliver Scrabble 101. One hundred and one is probably my first ever three figure score from a single go and so, shamelessly, I felt I had to mention it. Not that today needed any more water references.

By this evening it was raining the proverbial cats and dogs as we walked to Klub. Somewhat fittingly our large umbrella sports a British Bulldog (catch one while you can) but at least it’s blue and yellow colour theme is culturally sensitive! Despite its generous proportions we still managed to get ridiculously wet trousers (pants to the Americans but not the British!) although I think that’s more about what comes up rather than what falls down. But at least it wasn’t freezing cold.


David said…
It is freezing cold and beyond here in southern Illinois, USA. It's expected to dip below 0 tonight. That's 0 degrees F not C! Very cold for this part of the country. I hope I don't get my pants wet. It's been quite some time since I have.

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